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    Question regarding V&V deck.

    1. Is there a starting speed for each ally or do they just start with the armament speed?

    2. Do you draw from the V&V deck during the delay in the starting turns?


    1) The characters do not have a starting speed. It is as you surmised. They inherit the speed from the armament cards.

    As such, it is important to choose a balanced weapon set for allied parties.

    However, there are many modifiers which will be collected during play to make this more dynamic.

    2) Yes, the ‘Battle Round’ does follow the ‘Chase Round’, even while the peril is in delay.

    However, while these are the technical rules, it can be fun to deviate.

    For instance, we often add an additional Hit Point for each of the villains if we are feeling groggy. It makes the battles a bit more interesting with the tougher opponents.

    Concerning the yellow deck (Civil Warfare)… we often play this mode without a peril altogether. We just use the board, the discovery deck, and the civil warfare cards for a combative and social experience.

    The game can last a little longer this way with two couples or 4 players.

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