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    Question: Solo rules guide? I tried to do it as a single player vs monster and out of the 6 times played, only escaped once. Those snake bites are bad news without more characters to find heals in the deck with you. The monster ‘Cyraeth’ has a skill where if she rolled a 6 she insta-wins and that got me three times.

    Seems like you need to play with all the pawns in play or at least 4 to have the best chance for survival.

    Answer: For solo play, I recommend playing with a small team (3 pawns is a sweet spot).

    RUN is a cooperative game, which leveraged the ‘Discovery Deck’ to add more than just a roll and move type. If you are only playing with a single pawn, then the cards drawn and character abilities are heavily muted.

    There are some variants discovered early on to make a true solo game adaptable. These optional rules of using modified dice for movement rolls, or drawing extra discovery deck cards.

    For a simple game, it works very well solo to simply add more pawns to your team.

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