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    1. Expendable Gear Cards that don’t say “Single Use” – some of them seem like they should be (Climbing Rope), some seem like they shouldn’t (Humility)… Do we just use our own judgement on what should or should not be single use when it doesn’t specify? Or is everything single use, even if it doesn’t say it?

    Good question…’ Climbing rope is a single use, but with a limited duration effect. You use it as you see fit, but may choose to gain movement for more than one round.

    This is one of the reasons for the extra square cubes. There are number areas on the lower right portion of the board to help you track these duration cycles.

    The card ’Humility’ and ‘Fountain of Youth’ are one tome with a perpetual bonus. ’Humility’ heals ’Narcicism’ (Character Trait) and attaches to the healed character for an added boon. These are unique cards, which add some slight elements of give and take.

    2. Healing (such as Mira’s ability) – I assume this is different to reviving, but when does it take effect? And how? Can anyone be “healed” even when there is no “damage” done? Does “healing” simply move a player forward?

    Similar to the above, healing can cure ’Snake-Bite’ and house rules might allow for curing bad character traits. However, Mira’s primary benefit is reviving (as noted).

    3. Darkness and Fear – what are they? When are they triggered? There are cards (and one player ability) to negate them, but I don’t see many things (just one Vengence Card) that triggers them…

    Darkness and Fear are cool concepts, which aside from drawing ’The Reaper’ boss, are not heavy-handed in the base game. That being said, it comes heavily into play as the expansions are introduced.

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