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    1. What happens if the discovery deck runs out?

    Take the discovery deck discard pile , shuffle well, replace as the Discovery Deck. Same method for any of the decks if they run out. Reshuffle and replace.

    2. On effects that say ‘any entity’ (like the ability of Armand “the bomber” or the dynamite card), can you choose multiple entities?

    There are a couple of important terms, usually preceeded by a pronoun:

    a) Entity – Any Ally (player) or Peril (Dungeon Boss). This is important, as these cards may effect all entities on the board.

    b) Ally – These are your teammates or companions.

    c) Fallen Ally – An ally who was ’Caught by the Peri’ or ‘Perished’.

    3. What use is Larson “the thief” in coop, seeing that you can freely trade items?

    Sometimes players may not want to trade freely. However, keep in mind the expansions. His ability will be very effective in Civil Warfare.

    Also, Larson can steal from Brutus.

    4. Can you use cards with effect [healing + bonus] for only the bonus part, or does it have to heal something per se? (such as the antivenom or humility card)

    No, the bonus is an incentive. For instance, ‘healing’ snake bite gives the team 4 spaces to use. Even a less than amiable ally might heal an ailing party to advance themselves, or the peril…

    5. Do fear and darkness give half speed before or after modifiers?

    After modifiers. You should round up the total movement. It can really dwarf speeds.

    6. Have you also ‘won’ the game if only one player escapes?

    Yes, one player escaping still counts as a win!

    7. Do effects that modify your dice roll outcome also influence your movement roll (for example I roll a 4 for movement, but have a card that modifies my dice rolls by +1, does the ability of Phobius “the bold” still hold)?

    If you have dice roll modifier cards, then however you move your dice (up or down) counts towards gambling and abilities.

    So in the question, if Phobius needed a ‘4’ to exercise his ability, yet I only rolled a ‘3’, if I used a ‘Adjust The Dice’ card +1. Then my movement is now 4, and the ability is triggered.

    Otherwise, The rolls for gambling/executing any gear cards are separate from your movement roll.

    Example: If you gamble for your next move, say ’Double of Nothing’. You will roll for the card first. Then, you will roll again after the card is resolved (assume another player forces you to re-roll for instance), you will again roll to see the impact of the gamble. Movement rolls are always independent.

    8. Can you transfer/use stored gear if and while you draw a third expandable gear card?

    Yes, expendable gear may be played ’At Any Time’. The only time this does not apply is if you failed to use/transfer your gear before perishing/being caught by the peril. Though, you can always interject before the player moving the peril has moved the peril token to your player space (with the notable distinction of the ’Last Stand’ cards which specifically state ’use when overrun by peril…’)

    9. Can you use your gear while you are falling to peril? (you are overtaken and you don’t want to let your cards go to waste, so you give your allies a bonus for example).

    Refer to above… yes, some cards are designed to used when caught, but most must be used/transferred before. ‘House rule’ here as needed if playing with kids, but rule stickers should note that the gear can be used up until the peril pawn is physically moved to your players’ space. You can use expendable gear ’At Any Time’.

    10. If you choose team on the card ‘greedy ventures’, does every player have to roll, is there one roll for the entire team, or does it only apply to yourself?

    No, some team event cards are simply decided/executed by the ally who drew the card. The team event cards should specify if more than one slly needs to roll.

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