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    General Questions:

    1. Does the peril stop when it catches up to someone? This was a big one that affected how things could turn out. The fight back card led us to believe it stopped… but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    2. So, can items just be shared at will between willing allies? That’s what the directions indicate, but it seems powerful especially if a player is at level 3 and another is at level 1. That same concept gave me hesitation for the Villian’s expansion as we are all spread out… but fighting the same monster?

    3. For traps that affect the entire party, does each player have to try and dodge it with an item or ability or does one take care of the entire group?

    4. Using the Civil Warfare expansion, is it the last player standing or could the two final players agree to stop fighting and both try to get out?

    5. Do all perils work with all expansions or should you really only use the ones that come with the set.

    6. Lots of the Civil Warfare cards deal with specific other cards- but since players don’t have any idea what cards are in it, that makes it confusing. “This stops a direct assault” “Is this a direct assault?” “Maybe? I’ll check through the deck and see if any have that exact title.”

    7. All Expendable Gear is single use, right?

    8. Your character can have unlimited traits, right?


    1) The peril does not stop its movement upon catching someone. It moves right on. There are some cards that slow it’s movement though if a player is overrun.

    2a) Expendable gear can be either be played on any entity at any time, or traded freely. So, you are able to practice flexibility. However, feel free to house rule it to limit trades if you like.

    2b) For the Villains expansion, yes, everyone fights the same monster when drawn. I will add flavor to how this works in a video soon.

    3) Team Event traps are resolved by the player who draws the card, unless specifically stated otherwise on the card.

    4) For Civil Warfare, no reason to stop the game if the first person escapes. Feel free to keep going like a regular game where some allies escape first.

    5) All perils can work across all expansions. However, the faster perils may catch up too quickly on the Civil Warfare expansion, so we made specific bosses for that. Nonetheless, it could be a fun sprint to see who can advance the farthest before inevitably being caught.

    6) The Civil Warfare cards are more free-flowing. This is true. I will be explaining this very soon, but for now… some card definitions.

    a) Direct Assault: Any assault that is launched specifically on a player. (Ex: I, as an opposing player, launch a cohort conquest card directly on you).

    7) All expendable Gears cards are single use. That is correct.

    8) Yes, traits are unlimited on a player.

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