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    a) For the “double or nothing” expendable gear card, is a roll of [nothing] mean no additional multiplier to movement or there will be no movement?

    b) After Using, do you keep gambling cards or are they single use?

    c) If you do keep them, are players that escape still able to trigger “double or nothing” on other players’ rolls?


    a) Regarding the ‘double or nothing’ card. It is a gamble on your movement roll, so it can really move you forward if you are successful. Double or Nothing… if you trigger ‘nothing’, your movement roll defaults to ‘0’

    b) All the expendable gear cards are single use.

    c) Gear that a player holds are out of play once a player escapes. However, you can either house rule this, or be sure to transfer the gear before they move their pawn to the finish zone.

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