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    The first player’s turn we immediately ran into something the rules didn’t explain. They drew a Team Event play instantly card. Greedy ventures.

    Team: Roll a die: 1,2,3,4 [-1] / 5,6 [+2]

    Solo: Ignore the chest.

    Please Clarify:
    a) [-1] minus one what?
    b) Why is the word “Solo” in blue and “Team” in green?

    This is a good question and the rules will be amended to include instructions on the ‘Team Events’ This was an oversight, but it isn’t too complicated.

    a) In general, players will become accustomed quickly to the numbers on the cards.

    In this case, the outcome is whether the team moves [-1] or [+2], depending on the Dice roll outcome. The objective of RUN is to move spaces, which leaves the option of forward or backward. There may be a few cards which are ambiguous on the first round, but in general, the game should be relatively intuitive.

    b) The team event card states in the effect of (Choose an Option)



    This choice allows the player who drew the card a decision on how they would like to impact the game.

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