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Additional Notes:

1) The faster bosses move quickly, but also have do not enter the dungeon until after their delay period.

For instance, if the boss’ delay is 5, they traverse the delay spaces once per round. This allows each player to advance 5 full rounds before the peril begins the chase.

Once they are chasing… yes, if the peril touches your pawn, you have fallen to the peril, and you will draw a vengeance card, which are used against any remaining allies on the next round. These are cards that keep fallen players somewhat vested in the game.

There is an optional tile that the player may ‘revive’ after three rounds if the table allows the rule.

To the point of being ‘caught by peril’, the boss does not slow its movement when it catches a player (unless such a card is played to do just that). The bosses may catch one or all the allies during its movement, if its movement is sufficient to do so.