What’s New on Kickstarter? (04/13/2021)

1937: The Abyssinia Affair by Past Adventures Campaign: April 13 to May 11 Goal: USD $105 Estimated Delivery: June 2021 Creator: First created, 0 backed A realistic historical fiction game setting for traditional TTRPGs in over 150 pages Pledge levels: o            USD $7 — PDF book o            USD $20 — Printed and PDF book ✨          […]

RUN – Kickstarter Layout

EXPANDED GAME-PLAY:  Expansion I – Civil Warfare ‘Counter Co-op’ Expansion In this expansion, players truly begin to understand the true meaning of retribution! Players will be introduced to a new class of cards, which when added to the fray allow for a plethora of measures of attacking your friends and seeking who can outlast! In […]