What’s New on Kickstarter? (04/13/2021)

1937: The Abyssinia Affair by Past Adventures

  • Campaign: April 13 to May 11
  • Goal: USD $105
  • Estimated Delivery: June 2021
  • Creator: First created, 0 backed

A realistic historical fiction game setting for traditional TTRPGs in over 150 pages

Pledge levels:

o            USD $7 — PDF book

o            USD $20 — Printed and PDF book

✨          Am I backing it?: Not a chance; I don’t have much experience (and little interest) in TTRPGs.

Magnetic DND Condition Rings by Mason

            Campaign: April 13 to June 12

            Goal: USD $1,000

            Estimated Delivery: July 2021

            Creator: First created, 0 backed

            Contents (per set): 1 carrying case, 5 rings, 4 each of 15 different status effects

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $30 — 1 Full Set

o            USD $55 — 2 Full Sets

o            USD $70 — 3 Full Sets

o            USD $110 — 5 Full Sets

✨        Am I backing this?: Not a chance; see previous

•            KPOP: Becoming An Idol by Golden Gear Press

            Campaign: April 13 to May 7

            Goal: USD $10,000

            Estimated Delivery: November 2021

            Shipping: $14-66

            Creator: First created, 4 backed (all fairly recent)

            “A K-POP Board Game about life as a K-POP Trainee”

            Contents: Game board, 5 player mats, 1 die, 5 tokens, 5 pawns, 95 cubes, 163 cards

            Plays 2-5 players ages 14+ for 40-60 minutes

            Campaign has no videos, but check out Liege of Games on youtube as he covers this in one of his roundups

            You try to level up your idol to be the best singer and pass all the skill checks and judgements at the end (dance, visuals, vocals, raps)

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $40 Early Bird — Same as standard but also get an extra Trainee and name in rulebook

o            USD $40 Standard — The game and 4 promo cards

o            USD $75 Early Bird –Early Bird x2

o            USD $75 Standard — Standard x2

✨        My thoughts: This is a really interesting and unique theme; the game is seems to be fairly straightforward and not too heavy. I wish the campaign had some content creation around it. Having content creation on a campaign shows that you understand this industry in this age and are in this space. It’s currently struggling, so if it’s your jam, you should back it, as I feel like if it funds, it will be harder to get later, especially with those Kickstarter exclusive promos.

✨        Am I backing it?: No, because while the theme is super interesting and unique, it isn’t one that draws me in to want to back–despite that I enjoy K-POP music. Also, the lack of content creation around the game is another factor in my decision, as I really enjoy playthrough videos to determine if a game is for me. Finally, I went crazy during 2020 and backed WAYY too many games; so to be honest, I look at campaigns and look for any reasons NOT to back them nowadays to attempt to recover/save some money, time, and space. We all love games, and nobody has enough time or money to play them all, so unless a campaign is really pulling me in, I am decidedly out.

•            Legends of Void by Twoid Games

            Campaign: April 13 to May 7

            Goal: EUR 29,200/USD $34,987

            Estimated delivery: March 2022

            Pledge level EUR 59/USD 71

            Shipping: EUR 10-29

            Creator: First created, 1 backed (Ares Expedition Terraforming Mars)

            “A euro-style board game where Heroes compete to save the Outer Lands from the Void.”

            Plays 1-4 Players ages 14+ for 45 minutes

            Contents: 175 tiles (of varying types), 9 boards, 200 cubes, 376 cards, 35 standees, 6 tokens, a first player marker

            They have two in-house videos on the campaign detailing how to play and playing through some of it in a solo game.

            Chris from Liege of Games compares it to Vindication in that it’s a highly thematic euro.

            You use scrolls to try to prevent seraphs from taking over the land across 4 seasons.

            **This campaign is Kickstarter Exclusive and has no plans to go to retail.**

✨        My thoughts: This game interests me a lot. I love the art and find the visuals very appealing. I love a crunchy euro with replayability, and while I’ve never played Vindication, I’ve heard nothing but great things and from what I’ve seen of it, I know I’d love it.  While I’m very tempted by this game, I do have some concerns as well. This is a first-time creator and it seems like an ambitious project, so I’m unsure as to whether or not it will be a good game and well-polished. Chris from Liege of games mentions that the rulebook is dense and there is a lot happening in this game. Also, while I appreciate the how-to-play and playthrough video from Twoid, it would also be nice to see some content creation from people known in the industry, especially with this type of heavy euro.

✨        Am I backing it?: For now, I am not backing it. I have it “saved” for now and will check out the campaign throughout this next week. I’m not certain this will fund, so I’m not sure it matters anyway, but I think with a couple tweaks on this campaign–including content creation to get more eyes on it, it could be doing very well and could be a sought after game. That said, I hope it does fund, or the company decides to cancel and relaunch so it can come back stronger. I believe I will make another post about this in another segment later on. And if you want it, you should back it.

•            Wild, Wild West – Roll and Write Revolution by Derik Duley

            Campaign: April 13 to April 30

            Goal: USD $100

            Estimated delivery: May 2021

            Creator: Successfully delivered 4 previous R&Ws already; 213 backed

            No shipping cost, as this campaign is for a PnP for a roll-and-write game

            Pledge level USD $3

            “1-6 Players take simultaneous turns trying to engineer a boom in their Western town while mitigating the constant onslaught of disaster”

            What you need: one sheet per player, 4 d6, a pen

            As lots of problems rise up in your town, you will need to carefully choose which problems to take care of immediately and which to put off in order to have the best chance of success in this euro-style R&W

✨        My thoughts: Upon looking at this campaign, I am surprised at how fun I think it sounds. I don’t have a ton of Western themed games, but it is something I am curious about–although ironically, I do not feel the same toward movies. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a western, but I also don’t know that I have ever had a desire to see a western. I guess I’m open to someone trying to convince me otherwise; it just hasn’t happened yet. I do have The Few and Cursed from Rock Manor games, and I very much love that one, while admitting it has some major flaws. I also have Tumble Town from Weird Giraffe Games, though I haven’t been able to get one to the table yet. Similarly, I do not have any verb-and-writes, at present, but I am awaiting fulfillment on Cartographers Heroes all-in from Thunderworks Games and am also drawn to On Tour from BoardGameTables.  However, I feel as if I am in good company in liking this one because, at this moment, Jeremy Howard is backing this one. Finally, upon reading the campaign page, it sounded similar to me to Danger Park — a game I recently acquired and my playgroup loved–while not being at all similar to it in game mechanics but feeling similar to me in terms of chaos management/mitigation.

✨        Am I backing this?: Despite all that, I will not be backing this one because while drawing me, it doesn’t draw me enough to pull the trigger, especially when I don’t have a printer on which to print it. Even though the price is good and it sounds very fun, I will not be getting it due to those reasons, but if it sounds fun to you, give the company $3 and try it for yourself.  I know that this company plans to continue with a similar pnp r&w model going forward as well. So if you really like it, be sure to follow them to get notified of their next game.

•            Transmissions Board Game by Adam West

            Campaign: April 13 to May 8

            Goal: USD $35,000

            Estimated delivery: January 2022

            Creator: 4th created; 99 backed

            Shipping: $12-50, $12 for US

            **Game is Kickstarter Exclusive with no plans to ever go to retail**

            “Share mechanical friends in a lovely rondel worker placement board game”

            Plays 1-4 Players ages 10+ for 45-60 minutes

            Contents: 4 minis, 4 player boards, game board, 104 tiles, 56 cards, 110 tokens

            Videos: Dice Tower, MvM, Rahdo, (Liege of Games–roundup), (BoardGameCo–roundup), (ShelfClutter–roundup)

            Play cards to move communal robots to locations around the rondel and program them to get more done or score more points for you with set collection of items or building a pipeline.

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $20 for the robot minis

o            USD $40 for the game with standees

o            USD $54 for the game with robot minis

✨        My thoughts: First and foremost, the game is adorable.  It seems very simple to understand, while offering strategic depth and challenge. It seems like a lot a fun and I’d certainly be willing to play it with anyone who wished to/offered to let me play. I even think it would be a hit with my playgroup.  I think it’s priced decently as well for what you’re getting. I pretty always go all-in if I’m going to back a campaign, so I think $66 for this game seems reasonable, though maybe slightly overpriced. I reckon I might be convinced if it were priced in the $50-55 and under range, which unfortunately is about the price of shipping. Shipping is what it is, and I certainly wouldn’t expect a company to eat shipping cost for all backers (although The Happy Narwhal Co. and Good Games Publishing come to mind for games that have offered either free shipping, or free shipping to US), especially knowing that eating that cost could bankrupt a company (like what happened with Glory to Rome). Given that this game is KS exclusive, there is no option to obtain it without paying shipping, which unfortunately means I am out. But with (at moment of typing this) 1,713 backers and 19 days to go, I feel confident that if I do decide to get it later, I can pick up a used copy on the secondhand market for cheaper.

✨        Am I backing this?: No, as I just explained, but I do find it interesting and adorable and wish the company all the success and hope I get a chance to play it sometime.

•            3d printable ELITE ORCS sculpted by Medusa Minis 7 days! by Medusa Miniatures

            Campaign: April 13 to April 20

            Goal: GBP 500/USD $691

            Estimated delivery: April 2021

            Creator: 18 created, 5 backed

            No shipping as this campaign is for STL files and no physical products

            “A horde of old school ELITE ORCS for 3d printing, Including Wolf Riders, Bow and Spear Amazons, Barbarians and Champions.”

            Pledge levels:

o            GBP 7/USD $10 — 25 Elite Orcs

o            GBP 9/USD $13 — 25 Elite Orcs

o            GBP 18/USD $25 — Merchant tier

o            GBP 22/USD $31 — 81 Orcs

o            GBP 25/USD $35 — 81 Orcs

o            GBP 27/USD $38 — 18 Giants

o            GBP 65/USD$90 — All In (all STLs from 16 KS campaigns)

✨        My thoughts: The miniatures look really detailed but this isn’t really my realm.  While I have a 3D printer, I still consider myself a novice in it, and while it’s adjacent to board games, it is not board games in itself. I actually might be looking to sell my 3D printer, since I have hardly used it. Besides that, if you like this company or these high-detailed orcs, and you need them for painting or your RPGs, back it.

✨        Am I backing it?: No for the aforementioned reasons, and also because I currently do not paint and do not play TTRPGs.

•            HAWTHORN Horror RPG by Mike Bertolini

            Campaign: April 13 to May 13

            Goal: USD $1,200

            Estimated delivery: August 2021

            Creator: First created, 120 backed

            Shipping: USD $10 to United States

            “I’ve created a horror TTRPG.”

            Players play as a human detective in a supernatural horror world trying to uncover the mysteries of the reality in which you live.

            Pledge levels: (all tiers include previous rewards as well)

o            USD $5 Name in the Credits

o            USD $10 PDF lite

o            USD $15 PDF

o            USD $30 Hardcover

o            USD $50 Signed Hardcover

o            USD $75 Name a PC in the book and set their stats

✨        My thoughts: It probably isn’t the best idea to write “This is my first Kickstarter so I’m flying by the seat of my pants here.” in the campaign if you want to give your backers or potential backers any confidence in your competence. Even amongst all the other TTRPGS that I already pass on for my general disinterest in TTRPGS, unfortunately this one stands out in a bad way. There is no art at all on the campaign; the creator made himself sound incompetent in the aforementioned quote; there is no picture of the book or mention of how long it is; I do not know what type of TTRPG system it is based from or similar to; the campaign is all text; and the creator’s blurb did not really even make an attempt to get someone scrolling to click on the campaign for more information.

✨        Am I backing this?: Not a chance, and I feel bad saying this, but you shouldn’t either.

•            Ruins of Symbaroum for 5E by Free League

            Campaign: April 13 to May 6

            Goal: SEK 200,000/USD $23,624

            Estimated delivery: February 2022

            Creator: 26 created, 24 backed

            Shipping: USD $10-50, $13-20 for United States

            “The acclaimed dark fantasy world of Symbaroum adapted for 5E, introducing custom rules, origins, classes, creatures and more”

            This campaign is offering new rules, origins, classes, new adventures, and a Collector’s Edition of the three main books in this TTRPG system that has been around since 2016.

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $30 — digital PDF Player’s Guide

o            USD $42 — PDF + Hardcover Player’s Guide

o            USD $83 — digital PDF Player’s Guide, GM Guide, and Bestiary

o            USD $118 — PDF + Hardcover Player’s Guide, GM Guide, Bestiary, all stretch goal

o            USD $296 Collector’s Edition (bound in faux leather with gold-foil stamped adornments) **Exclusive to Kickstarter**

✨        My thoughts: While I’m still not into TTRPGs and unfamiliar with this world, this campaign looks really good. The creators seem to know what they are doing and their world seems to be a very appealing one. It looks pretty cool and if this world appeals to you, you should back this campaign.

✨        Am I backing it?: No, because it is a TTRPG and that’s not my thing, but the campaign looks good and the creators are competent.

•            Revelations: Skirmish by White Light Media

            Campaign: April 13 to May 10

            Goal: USD $400

            Estimated Delivery: June 2021

            Creator: 3rd attempt at this campaign, also made some miniatures; 5 backed

            “A 3D printable wargame with 50+ models, full rules, stats, and novels available right now.”

            A tabletop miniatures skirmish wargame using infantry, vehicles, and mechs

            Physical (pre-printed models available on the webstore)

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $40 **Early Bird** Digital pledge for 200+ STLs including 50+ Models

o            USD $50 digital pledge for 200+ STLs including 50+ Models

o            USD $60 previous pledge plus 4 PDF novels and Universe primer, mini-campaigns

✨        My thoughts: I don’t play tabletop miniatures wargames and I don’t really do STLs. The mechs look pretty cool though and I might want them, although $50 is a lot for digital files.

✨        Am I backing it?: No

•            Darkpass by Kozz

            Campaign: April 13 to May 15

            Goal: USD $40,000

            Estimated delivery: February 2022

            Creator: 5 created, 4 backed

            Shipping: USD $19-75, $20 for United States

            “A cooperative adventure through the dark and brutal 1854 Paris sewer system.”

            Plays 1-4 Players ages 14+ in about 40 minutes per chamber

            Contents: map book, 5 minis, 310 cards, 50 tokens, 40 standees, 22 tiles, 86 cubes, 1 board

            Videos: Dice Tower (Mark Streed), MvM (Ryan Schoon), [Liege of Games roundup], [ShelfClutter roundup]

            Try to survive in a chamber with depleting air and beasts to make your way to the final valve as quickly as possible to escape the dark sewer system in 1854 Paris in this campaign game. The game uses card drafting and puzzle elements to continue on this campaign that is very dark in theme and at times seems to feel like an escape room.

            Pledge level: USD $67 for a game; other pledges only offer additional copies; no add-ons

✨        My thoughts: The company is trustworthy and has fulfilled on all their previous projects on time or early.  It was a little annoying that I had to open outside resources to find the player age recommendation and duration of the game. It was nowhere on the Kickstarter campaign.  I think this is campaign and game look pretty good, but it currently isn’t funding, so it will be an uphill battle for them. Some people will look at that and then also not back it since it doesn’t have momentum. Thinking about the price, I can also understand some hesitation to back it. Essentially a US-backer is looking at $90 to get this game, and I don’t know that the perceived value matches that. I think I could see this game going for between $60-80, and unfortunately that shipping cost takes it out of that range, which I covered earlier. I hope the game succeeds or relaunches with more advertising so that it can succeed.

✨        Am I backing this?: No, I am passing on this one, but I would likely keep it if it were gifted to me, and would certainly play it if offered the opportunity. I like coops and this theme is really unique, but with so many games, the line has to be drawn somewhere.

•            Map Alchemists’ HD Outdoor Battlemaps with Stunning 3D Views by Nathaly Aupin

            Campaign: April 13 to May 10

            Goal: CA 3,220/USD $2,573

            Creator: 12 created; 26 backed

            Estimated delivery: June 2021

            No shipping as this is all digital files.

            “22 High-Definition Outdoor Battlemaps for all Fantasy RPG Campaigns.  Plus Gorgeous 3D views you can share with your friends.”

            Pledge levels:

o            CA 18/USD $15 — 22 Battlemaps

o            CA 199/USD $160 — 22 Battlemaps, 225 vehicles, everything ever created

✨        My thoughts: I have no way to begin forming thoughts on this as this is not my area in the slightest. The pictures on the campaign looked cool?

✨        I am not backing this

•            Tavern Tales: A 5e DnD Supplement by Escape Plan Games

            Campaign: April 13 to May 15

            Goal: USD $13,500

            Creator: First created; 3 backed

            Estimated delivery: December 2021

            Shipping: USD $13-35, $13 for United States

            “A circus themed tavern packed with adventures, NPCs, items, and more to be placed into your new or existing DnD 5e Campaign.”

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $20 — PDF Tavern Tales vol. 1 and map pack

o            USD $45 — previous rewards + Hardcover

o            USD $45 **Early Bird** previous rewards +Tavern menu +Credit in the book + 1 community copy

o            USD $55 — PDF + map pack + hardcover + 1 community copy

o            USD $60 — Merchants Tier

o            USD $1,000 — previous rewards + character made into game after you

✨        I don’t really have much to comment on this as I don’t play DnD and don’t have knowledge in this area, but the campaign seems to be going well, so I’m happy for the creator and their success.

✨        I am not backing this

•            Scrap Racer by Queen Games

            Campaign: April 13 to April 23

            Goal: USD $5,000

            Creator: 62 created;  backed

            Estimated delivery: August 2021

            Shipping: USD $19 to United States

            “Take part in the craziest race in the galaxy and dice your way to victory!”

            Plays 2-6 players ages 8+ in 20-45 minutes

            Videos: Queen Games, The Lighten Up Initiative, BoardGameGeek, Tantrum House, Board Games in a Minute, ShelfClutter (roundup), Liege of Games (roundup)

            Content: 14 tracks segments, 6 player boards, 100 cards, 6 d6, 64 tokens, 6 standees

            Expansion Content: 3 track segments, 2 player boards, 30 tokens, 8 ability tiles, 2 standees, 1 pit stop; Acryllic standees and tokens

            Orcs, Orcs, Orcs add-on for USD $17 for US backers

            Roll a die to determine movement, then opt to press-your-luck to continue rolling, trying not to get two of a kind by continuing to roll one die at a time, then move the sum of the spaces or reveal a crash card to find out the effects of the crash. Complete a lap to gain a goal card (catch-up mechanic), and be the first to complete three laps to win the game.

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $59 **Early Bird** (first 400) Game + Expansion + Acryllic upgrades

o            USD $64 ** Early Bird** (next 100) Game + Expansion + Acryllic upgrades

o            USD $79 Game + Expansion + Acryllic upgrades

✨        Queen Games is a known publisher and their campaigns do deliver but I find that there is a general consensus that they are always overpriced. Every single Queen Games game I have seen, the comments section and chatter around the game is that it is overpriced. That said, they do have some titles that really interest me and I am hoping to pick up in the future.  One of the reasons for their stuff being overpriced is the “Queenies” or promos, sure, but the main reason is that they do their manufacturing in Europe, rather than Asia. If memory serves correctly, they were discussing this in the comments section of Kokopeli when backers expressed concern that that game was overpriced on the campaign and also looked like it should sell for about $20-30 less than for what it was, or more if you count shipping.

✨        My thoughts: Wow…I do not like the look of this at all. At first, I was immediately pulled in by the art and the video, and actually originally pledged at the $59 level. I loved those anthropomorphic animals and the art for the characters.  But the more I saw of this game, the more I decided it is not a game I want. But before I get into that, these pledge levels actually repulsed me. There is essentially only 1 pledge level, since every pledge gives you the exact same thing, only discounted for some, and not by a small discount, but $20. That is crazy to me. If I weren’t one of the first 500 backers and I wanted this game, that would be enough to turn me away and not back this game despite wanting it. However, I actually do not want this game. This game is RNG + RNG + RNG, with almost no mitigation of luck at all. There is no strategy to be had here. If you roll the dice well, you move further than your opponents.  At the end of the day, this is a roll-and-move racing game.  I cannot foresee this game being played over something like Steampunk Rally or Rallyman, unless of course one were playing with children or grandma, or just didn’t care about strategy in their games. If you are okay with a game being entirely luck-based, the content creators described this as zany and fun.  And I do still think the art looks really good. And if that’s the fit for you and your crew, maybe check this one out if you want, but I might suggest waiting for retail because I would think it would be cheaper. $80-100 for this game is grossly overpriced for this game in my opinion. This game looks and feels like a $20-40 game to me, and I would not pay much more than that.

✨        My thoughts (Orcs, Orcs, Orcs): I wouldn’t add this on either. This is a competitive deckbuilder of sorts where playing are competing to kill the most monsters.  I had never heard of this one so I watched Tom Vasel’s review on The Dice Tower from 6 years ago, and he wasn’t impressed by this game in the slightest. If you’re on the fence, I recommend you check you his video, but in the end, I personally take a pass on this as well, although it is priced much more reasonably at $17 (15 + 2 shipping), although you have to grossly overpay for Scrap Racer to get it.

✨        Am I backing this?: No, no I am not. Not a chance. I am staying far, far away from this campaign, and I appreciate the content creators for saving me money on this one.

•            Bar Fight: a Cocktail Card Game by Bacchanal Games

            Campaign: April 13 to May 13

            Goal: USD $8,000

            Creator: first created; 2 backed

            Estimated delivery: February 2022

            Shipping: USD $13-30, $13-16 for United States

            “Represent a bar at the Bar Fight Cocktail Competition in this fast paced card game! Mix drinks, impress Judges, become the champion!

            Plays 2-6 players ages 21+ in 20-30 minutes

            Content: around 160 cards, perhaps a few more depending on stretch goals.

            Videos: Edo, in-house, ShelfClutter (roundup), Liege of Games (roundup)

            Available on TTS

            Trick-taking game in which players play as mixologists to mix drinks to impress the judges and become the best bar. Liege of Games says it has elements of set collection, take-that, and bidding.

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $27 — game

o            USD $49 — game + 2 custom glasses

o            USD $750 — previous + your portrait becomes a judge in the game

✨        My thoughts: This game just isn’t for me in the slightest. I don’t drink and I don’t go to bars and so there is a huge thematic disconnect for me on this one. Also, I’m starting to realize that trick-taking isn’t one of my favorite mechanics, though sometimes I do like it in the right situations. I am a fan of Euchre; I had a blast playing Stick Em with my friends; and I have Shardhunters and have logged probably 7 or 8 plays of that in a few✨ months.  I was looking at the BoardGameTables campaign that just ended for Ghosts of Christmas and other games, and that one had a really unique take on trick-taking, but most of the time I find that trick-taking games outside of those can feel very same-y to me and like there isn’t as much strategy as I would like in my games, as they are usually pretty luck-based.  Also take-that is something that I know can be a big problem for some people because after working hard and carefully planning with your strategy, someone else can just play a card that messes up everything you’ve been working for and it can leave a bad taste for some players. I can’t really see myself pulling this out with my game group, but if your group would dig it and you feel comfortable paying $40 for 160 cards, by all means go for it. I wish the creators success with their campaign and that backers enjoy it, but on this one, I am out.

✨        Am I backing this?: No, see above.

•            Rivet Heads by Daniel Newman (New Mill Industries)

            Campaign: April 13 to April 30

            Goal: USD $6,000

            Creator: 2 created; 159 backed

            Estimated delivery: July 2021

            Shipping: USD $9-25, $9 to United States

            “In this 2-4 player cyberpunk card game, you’re the boss of the most badass squad in the Sprawl.  Make deals, gain upgrades, score rep.”

            Over the course of three rounds, players will try to gain the most rep by making deals, upgrading crew, and sending crew to war. This game features action programming and resource conversion/resource management in a unique way. Check out the videos to see how it is unique with those mechanics.

            Videos: in-house, What’s Eric Playing?, Liege of Games (roundup)

            Contents: 104 cards, 4 player mats, 24 upgrade discs/tokens, and 8 markers

            Available on TTS

            Pledge levels: USD $5 PnP and USD $30 Physical game

✨        My thoughts: I like that they have 159 backed projects. That tells me that they are members of this community and have at least been around observing and playing games for awhile (I assume).  Also, I really appreciated the blurb that the creator put that could pote✨ntially tell someone without opening the campaign if it’s a game for them. If you know you are a solo gamer only or that your game group consistently plays more than 4 players, you could immediately know that this game isn’t the game for you from their blurb. Similarly, if you are not into cyberpunk as a theme at all, you could also easily identify that and continue scrolling. Having said that, I am a fan of cyberpunk themes and don’t yet have any in my collection. I also am okay with a 2-4 player count, though most of the time, I am running a 5P crew. I don’t think this is a game for me, and I think it is a little overpriced, although that’s kind of what happens with smaller creators on these small card games. $40 for 104 cards and some tokens isn’t a terrible deal, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a good one. I would probably price this game at around $15-30 total for what I’d be willing to pay for it, which again comes down to shipping. That said, the company is only printing 500 copies so if this is a game for you and your crew, definitely snag it while you can.

✨        Am I backing it?: No, but I would give it a try on TTS or with anyone that had a copy and wanted to play.

•            The Ultimate Stocks Game by Ultimate Party Games

            Campaign: April 13 to May 17

            Goal: AU 1,000/USD $772

            Creator: First created; 0 backed

            Estimated delivery: October 2021

            Shipping: AU 12-36/USD $10-28, $23 to United States

            “The stock market has always been a game, so we turned it into a card game. Buy shares and use Insider Tips to come out as the winner.”

            Available on Tabletopia

            No content creation

            Pledge levels:

o            AU 3/USD $3 — **Early Bird** the game (limit 50)

o            AU 5/USD $4 — **Early Bird** the game (limit 75)

o            AU 7/USD $6 — **Early Bird** the game (limit 100)

o            AU 10/USD $8 — the game

o            AU 15/USD $12 — the game

✨        My thoughts: I almost considered not sharing my thoughts or not covering this campaign altogether because I really feel bad saying negative things about a project. However, I do feel I have to be honest: I don’t really like anything about this campaign. The campaign itself was not user friendly because it had really tiny text throughout most of it that was hard to read; it had no videos; the shipping price is crazy, especially compared to the game price; the cards themselves are really ugly–just black text on either a colored background or a white background with a colored border; and the campaign itself is ugly and could really use some graphics, especially for the component count. Nowhere on this campaign does it state how many players it players or how long it takes, or if it does, I didn’t see it because the text is too tiny and too much.

✨        Am I backing this?: Definitely not.

•            Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game by John Coveyou (Genius Games)

            Campaign: April 13 to May 7

            Goal: USD $25,000

            Creator: 15 Created; 233 backed

            Estimated delivery: December 2021

            Shipping: USD $9-27, $9-19 to United States

            “An engine building, worker placement strategy game set in a plant cell.”

            Plays 1-5 players ages 14+ in 45-90 minutes

            Contents: game board (cell board), plant board, 60 cards, 220 cubes/shapes; (Collector’s): metal coins, custom insert, upgraded tokens

            Planting trees for every backer in first 3 days to help environment

            Over three phases, players compete to collect resources, place workers, acquire cards, and contribute to building the cell wall. The person who most contributed to the cell at the end of the game (has the most points) wins the game.

            Available on TTS

            Videos: Game Brigade, Meeple Mountain, ShelfClutter (roundup), Liege of Games (roundup)

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $1 Pnp

o            USD $39 Standard Edition + PnP

o            USD $55 Collector’s Edition + PnP

o            USD $99 previous + Collector’s Edition Cytosis (the previous game)

✨        My thoughts: I love seeing that 233 backed on here as well as 15 created. This is a smaller publisher but with a good track record so far. The theme is super interesting and unique, and I like that it is educational. I also like that this company cares about things like education and the environment. The combination of worker placement and engine building is really appealing to me as those are two of my favorite mechanics. The cards have a clean look to them. The price seems about right for what you get. The art is simple but yet still good. I think this game could definitely be a good addition to a collection if the theme interests you and you like the gameplay.

✨        Am I backing it?: No, I am not backing this one because despite all the good things I think about the game, the company, and the campaign, the theme of the game REALLY didn’t interest me at all. I hated biology class in school and for that reason, I am out on this one.

•            Hivernation by Sean Chappell

            Campaign: April 13 to May 13

            Goal: CA 25,000/USD $19,82

            Creator: first created; 13 backed

            Estimated delivery: February 2022

            Shipping: $10-15

            “Worker vs Drones! A mind-buzzing 2-player tile laying strategy game inspired by games like Othello and Honey Bees!”

            Plays 2 or 4 players in 10-30 minutes

            Contents: 57 tiles and 24 tokens

            Videos: in-house, Kidsplaining, Party Tails, OMG! Nexus, Which Game First?, Room 51, ShelfClutter (roundup), Liege of Games (roundup)

            Available on TTS and Tabletopia

            Players take turns placing tiles, trying to sandwich the opponent’s tiles to flip them to their own side.

            Pledge levels:

o            CA 7/USD $6 PDF

o            CA 30/USD $24 Game + PDF

o            CA 56/USD $45 2 copies + PDF

✨        My thoughts: I personally am not interested at all in bees as a theme in my board games. Also, I already own Othello and the plastic tokens in that are better than cardboard chit tiles in my opinion. Moreover, I never play Othello really already, so why would I want a reskinned Othello with less quality bits? Also, I don’t think the price for what you’re getting matches up. $35 for 57 tiles. I’d price this game at around $15-20 total, which is pretty close to the difference from shipping but at the end of the day, if I wouldn’t pay that price in a store walking by it, why would I pay it online, especially for no exclusives or extras or real incentives for doing so.  But as always, if it looks like a game for you, I hope you grab it and I wish the company success.

✨        Am I backing it?: No because I don’t see the value proposition and there’s a thematic disconnect, and it seems too similar to a game I already have.

•            Orbital Blues by SoulMuppet Publishing

            Campaign: April 13 to May 11

            Goal: GBP 10,000/USD $13,833

            Creator: 6 created; 49 backed

            Estimated delivery: August 2021

            Shipping: GBP 6-30/USD $8-42

            “A Blues-infused Space Western Roleplaying Game, with an accompanying Cassette EP.”

            120-page hardcover book

            Pledge levels:

o            GBP 5/USD $7 Mp3

o            GBP 10/USD $14 PDF + Mp3

o            GBP 25/USD $35* Book + PDF + Mp3

o            GBP 25/USD $35 Artbook + PDF Artbook

o            GBP 40/USD $56 KSE Book (alt cover) + PDF + Mp3

o            GBP 50/USD $70 Book + Artbook + PDFs + Mp3

o            GBP 60/USD $83 KSE Book + PDF + Mp3 + Cassette + GM Screen

o            GBP 80/USD $111 (all-in) Book + Artbook + PDFs + Cassette + Mp3 + GM Screen

✨        My thoughts: I’m probably not the right person to ask since I don’t really cover TTRPGs, but the theme doesn’t really appeal to me and I wouldn’t go for any physical music rewards seeing as I don’t have a cassette player and wouldn’t want one.

✨        Am I backing it?: No, but if I were to back at any level, it would be the mp3 only level because I do dig the blues music.

•            MONSTERS PACK stl files Boardgames miniatures. by Tharyon Braz

            Campaign: April 13 to May 13

            Goal: MX 15,000/USD $753

            Creator: first created; 0 backed

            Estimated delivery: July 2021

            Shipping: None as this is an stl campaign

            27 models and 20 bases

            Pledge levels:

o            MX 385/USD $20 27 models and 2 bases

o            MX 587/USD $30 everything

✨        I’m not backing this because it’s STLs

•            Arkham Horror Chaos Tokens by Steven Phung

            Campaign: April 13 to May 13

            Goal: USD $2,500

            Creator: first created; 42 backed

            Estimated delivery: September 2021

            Shipping: USD $5 to United States

            Laser cut and engraved tokens for AH LCG

            Pledge USD $35 to get all 42 tokens

✨        My thoughts: $40 for 42 tokens seems like a lot. That’s another game or few you could get. Also, I don’t do LCGs, and especially wouldn’t do AH LCG if I decided to take one up, so this is an easy pass for me. The creator is only making 100 so if you want it, jump on it, and I hope he gets funded.

•            The Korean War by Compass Games

            Campaign: April 13 to April 23

            Goal: USD $2,500

            Creator: 25 created; 0 backed

            Estimated delivery: June 2021

            Shipping: USD $15-20

            “An operational level game of the first year of The Korean War, from June 1950 to May 1951.”

            Pledge levels: USD $75 for one or $140 for two

✨        My thoughts: I know absolutely nothing about war games and have no interest in them whatsoever.

✨        I am not backing this and cannot comment on whether anyone else should or shouldn’t.

•            Magician’s Guide to the Three Worlds by Kyx

            Campaign: April 13 to June 12

            Goal: GBP 24,700/USD $34,167

            Creator: first created; 0 backed

            Estimated delivery: May 2023

            Shipping: GBP 30/USD $42 to United States

            “A D&D book with new classes, subclasses, spells, items, races, and maybe some adventure too.”

            Pledge levels

o            GBP 10/USD $14 PDF

o            GBP 50/USD $70 Book

o            GBP 100/USD $139 Book and be a playtester

✨        My thoughts: $110 is a lot for an RPG book that isn’t even done or close to being done. The campaign has an expected delivery of two years from now and the creator couldn’t even be bothered to explain very much about the book or show a single piece of art in the campaign. There are a few lines of text and that’s it. That’s a big ask of your potentials backers and frankly, I don’t have the confidence in your competency to create this book based on the current campaign.

            Am I backing this?: Not a chance.

•            CANVAS: Reflections Expansion & Reprint by Road to Infamy

            Campaign: April 13 to May 12

            Goal: USD $50,000

            Creator: 7 created (1 cancelled); 65 backed

            Estimated delivery: February 2022

            Shipping: USD $8-25, $8 to United States

            “The critically acclaimed artistic puzzle game gets a 2nd printing & new expansion.”

            Plays 1-5 players ages 10+ for 30 minutes

            Card-crafting transparent cards with art to create a unique piece of art and score points

            Videos: Small World Gaming, in-house, The Dice Tower (Tom Vasel), Jamey Stegmaier, Rahdo

            Pledge levels:

o            USD $25 — Canvas Reflections Expansion (Requires base game to play)

o            USD $35 — Canvas Reflections Expansion (Deluxe) (Requires base game to play) + 15 promo cards

o            USD $60 — Canvas + Canvas Reflections Expansion

o            USD $80 — Canvas (Deluxe) + Canvas Reflections Expansion (Deluxe) + 15 promo cards

✨        This one will get its own dedicated blog post soon.

✨        *****Pick of the day*****

•            Jiiboni Bush Jungle-Themed Map Set by August McDaniel

            Campaign: April 13 to April 20

            Goal: USD $20

            Creator: 8 created; 27 backed

            Estimated delivery: May 2021

            Shipping: none as this campaign is for digital materials only

            “A jungle-themed map set for online tabletop gaming.”

            Pledge: Pay what you want; any amount gets you all the files

✨        I don’t really have thoughts on this except that if you play TTRPGs and need some more maps, $1 to pick up these maps seems like a no-brainer to me.

✨        Since I am not the audience for this, I will not be backing it.

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