What’s New on Kickstarter? (04/11/2021)

•	British infantry center and flank companies by David Vazquez Fernandez
This campaign is for STLs only for troops and artillery for the Battle of Waterloo and napoleonic wargames for EUR 35 or 45 (all-in)/USD $42 or $54 (all-in). There is also a merchant pledge for commercial licensing. Overall, the goal is EUR 2,000/USD $2,378 by May 11.

•	35mm D&D Class Themed Acrylic Pins by Victoria Sierra
Pins are made from 100% recycled premium acrylic due to the negative effects of enamel on the environment and feature one of the 12 classes of D&D. Pledges range from USD $10/1 pin to $110/12 pins with two Early Birds of $40/6 pins and $90/12 pins. The goal is to raise $1,850 by May 11.

•	Gluttony make a pizza card game by Gameware
This is a deck of 15 different cards where players are trying to collect the six different types of ingredients to make a pizza.  It will fund if it reaches USD $8,000 by May 11. For USD $10, you can get a facebook shout-out; for $30 you get the card game; and for $60 you get the card game and board game, although the campaign explains very little what either game is like.

•	Galería by Jeremy Hills
This game consists of 125 cards where players compete to amass the largest fortune by buying and selling paintings, building their collection, and watching for worthless forgeries. This game features action selection, auction bidding, and luck. The pledge level to get the game is USD $20 and contributes toward the funding goal of USD $1,850 to be pledged by May 2.

•	The Siege by Steven Nichols
This campaign features 3D printable STLs for miniatures and terrain for wargaming. Pledge levels include GBP1, 25, 30, 40 (Early Bird All-in), 50 (all-in), and 550 (Steven will print the files and mail them to you)/ USD $2, $35, $42, $55 (Early Bird all-in), $69 (all-in), and $754 (printed pledge). Steven has a funding goal of GBP 2,500/USD $3,422 by May 11.

---Chaos Covers Games featuring Chaos (Clint Cabrera)

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