What’s New on Kickstarter? (04/10/2021)

•	Hardcover Book: Miniature Terrain Making by Philipp Preiser
This tutorial book teaches techniques to make scenery and terrain from cardboard and other household materials for RPGers, wargamers, etc. It is EUR 35/USD $42 for a copy of the book (or EUR 28/ USD $34 for the early bird). It has a pledge goal of EUR 6,000/USD $7,135 to be reached by May 9.

•	Karaoke AF by Clayton Bell
This is a party card game wherein a player pulls a card and either sings a verse and chorus of a selected song or takes a shot. It has pledge levels of USD $5, $15, $25, and $50 which contribute toward an overall goal of USD $3,000 to be met by May 25.

•	Brixes - Monster battle board game by Hugo Corona
This dueling card game uses brightly colored Mexican folk style art combined with heavy influence from Pokémon TCG. With pledge levels of USD $5, $13, $23, $35, $45, $67, and $75 and an overall goal of USD $7,437 by May 10, Hugo is hoping to bring his new monster battling game to the world.

---Chaos Covers Games featuring "Chaos" (Clint Cabrera)

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