What’s new on Kickstarter? (04/09/2021)

•	Fable Time Book 1 -- THETA by J.R. Holland III
	Fable Time creators call it an abstract style introductory level fantasy-based TTRPG that boasts 	quick character creation (15 minutes or less) and 45-minute to several hour playtime per 	session. It uses standard d20s and full sets of dice and has simultaneous action between players 	and DM and choices of each affect the other.  The book has 200+ pages and has pledge levels 	at (USD) $5, $20, $50*, $100, and $10,000, and $15 shipping (to the United States) at the 	tiers that provide physical products.  It has a funding goal of $2,500 and ends on May 8.

•	The Mysteries of Coral Cove: 5e adventure by Fabled Antics
	This is a fantasy TTRPG module for kids (age 6+). It takes place in the ocean and has a funding 	goal of (USD) $5,000 and ends on May 8. It has pledge levels of $1, $10, $40*, $45, and $86.  It 	will use BackerKit as a PM. Shipping is estimated at $10-20, depending on location. It is 	estimated to fulfill December 2021.

•	Agimori, Lunars, Ducks and Character Figures by Andrew Taylor
	28mm skirmish wargamining metal minis. This project has a funding goal of (GBP) 500/ USD 	$686 and the campaign ends on April 23.  Pledge levels are (GBP) 1, 20, 21, 30, 38, 39, and 49/ 	USD $2, $28, $29, $42, $53, $54, and $68.

•	Space Plague by Bamboo Studio
	Space Plague is an abstract strategy game for 1-4 players age 14+ that takes 45-90 minutes to 	play.  In this game, four factions compete for galactic dominance by using hand management, 	dice rolling, and hand building to try to overcome the randomized defenses of the planets to 	become the galactic emperor.  It has a funding goal of $18,000 and the campaign goes until May 	13.  The only pledge level is $39 and it gives the game. Shipping is $10-30, depending on 	location.  

•	Venture Maidens Campaign Guide for 5th Edition by 2CGaming
	This is a high fantasy RPG based off a podcast and features five femmes as the protagonists.  	Pledges are (USD) $5, $18, $45*, $100, and $250; and shipping is $8-50+ depending on location.  	It has a funding goal of $15,050 and ends on May 10.

•	Ultima Thule: the Battle of Hyperborea by Aradia Miniatures
	Unassembled and unpainted 75mm resin minis for collectors, painters, and gamers.  Pledge 	levels are (USD) $4, $55, $97, $200, $233, $416, $449, $973, and $1945, with shipping between 	$8 and $75+.  The campaign runs until April 23 and has a funding goal of $12,960.

•	Quaranteeny by amy marie pink
	This is a COVID-themed roll-and-move where players move around the board, answering 	questions and riddles and hoping to land on spaces that provide PPE to make it to the end. The 	campaign ends on June 7 and is hoping to raise (GBP) 14,000/(USD) $19,167 with pledge levels 	at (GBP) 100 and 500/ (USD) $137 and $685.
•	Fantasy solid metal coins for DnD & RPGs by TrueBlack Forge by Arthur Wang
	This campaign for universal metal coins is hoping to raise USD $3,000 by April 29 with pledge 	levels at USD $55, $60, $65, $220, $240, and $250.  These coins are made from iron and brass. 	There are also gems made of glass. 

•	Partners by Steve Darlington
	With pledge levels at AU 1, 15, 45, and 145/ USD $1, $12, $35, and $111, this 2-player detective 	storytelling/roleplaying game is hoping to raise AU 6,000/ USD $4,565 by April 23.  To play, 		players need this book as well as a pack of standard playing cards. The campaign states that 	while designed for 2-players, it can be played 1-6 players and does not need a GM. Shipping is 	expected to be between $10 and $25.

•	A wooden wall hanging chess board by Bart Laan
	Birchwood board and magnetic chess pieces so you can display your chess board as an art piece 		or play a game over a period of time without taking space on your table. Hoping to raise EUR 	5,000/USD $5,946 by May 9, it has pledge levels at EUR 19, 25, 45, 49, 55, 59, 65, 69, 99, and 	109/ USD $23, $30, $54, $59, $66, $71, $78, $83, $118, and $130.  Shipping will also be charged, 	but values are not listed. 

•	The Blighted Privateers by Pariah Miniatures
STLs for 28mm zombie, vampire, and fishmen pirates, as well as two large beasts. Hoping to raise GBP 500/USD $684 by April 23, this campaign has pledge levels of GBP 15, 20, and 60/ USD $21, $28, and $83. 

•	Rangers of the Midden Vale by Sean "Mac" McClellan
	This is an RPG campaign book wherein 2-4 players roleplay rangers braving the wilderness to 	protect the citizens of Midden Vale and boasts little to no prep work for the GM.  It features 	pledge levels of USD $5, $10, $15, $20, and $50 to reach a funding goal of $1,000 by May 9.

•	Koi Garden - Harmonious gardening card game by B & B Games Studio
This is a 2-4P tile-laying compact card game about creating a harmonious pond of different pathways to attract new wildlife. This game is Kickstarter exclusive and will run until May 10, wherein it will fund with the goal of USD $500. Pledge levels are USD $1, $19, $38, $79, and $200 with shipping estimated to be between $7 and $90.

•	Shore Anglers by Dhameen Ansari
This campaign will fund if it reaches USD $2,500 by May 9 with pledge levels at USD $20, $45*, $55, $85, $150, and $600.  This game plays 1-5 players of ages 6+ and takes 30 minutes.  This game involves set collection mechanics and cards.

•	Scenic Resin Bases for 28mm Miniature Gaming by Splendid Scenery
This campaign is for bases for minis and will run until April 29 and has a funding goal of GBP 250/ USD $342.  It has pledge levels of GBP 5, 6, 10, 12, 16, 30, 35, 50, 65, and 110/ USD $7, $9, $14, $17, $22, $42, $48, $69, $89, and $151,

•	The Broken Cask by Derek A. Kamal
This campaign is for a solo RPG about creating and managing a fantasy inn. It needs pen/cil and paper and a d6 and this book, and is meant to be relaxing and simple. It has pledge levels of USD $10, $15, $15, and $100.  It has a funding goal of $800, which it will reach if it has that much support by April 23.

•	MUNERA - Clash of Champions by Scott and Brian
This card game for 2-10 players ages 10+ plays over 30 minutes and has a theme of gladiators caught in combat, striving to defeat challengers within the arena.  It has pledges of CA 1, 15, 25, 65, 85, 100, 130, 135, 190, 300, and 400/ USD $1, $12, $20, $52, $68, $80, $104, $108, $152, $239, and $319, which will help it reach its funding goal of CA 32,999/ USD $26,283 by May 19.

•	The Aeterni: Pre-supported STL files by Fantasy Cult Miniatures
With a funding goal of EUR 2000 by May 8, and pledge levels of EUR 35, 40, and 150/USD $42, $48, and $179, Adrian Rio (Marvel United and Zombicide) hopes to bring a new miniature line to those who wish to print it.  There are no physical products in this campaign, and thus there is no shipping. 

•	Chess in a Bag by Ed & Matthew Carter
Wooden chess pieces in a drawstring cloth bag that doubles as the board comprise this portable and affordable chess set for GBP 15/ USD $21. You can also get two copies or one copy plus a copy of Cloisters for GBP30/USD $42. These pledges contribute to an overall goal of GBP 200/USD $273 to be reached by April 25.

•	Chlorination by Filip Lindlöf
This strategy game about swimming is for 2-5 players and plays in 30 minutes per player.  Over 10 rounds players will take 5 actions in each round to work, practice, and prepare for the swimming competition that takes place at the end of each round, where players compete to earn medals. The one with the most medals at the end wins. You can get a copy of the game for USD $45 (or $36 if you catch the early bird) or pledge for multiple copies. Shipping is estimated to be between $8 and $35 for one copy, depending upon where in the world you are.  It has an overall goal of USD $10,163 to be achieved by May 9. 

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