What did you game this weekend? (04/08/2021–04/11/2021)

This weekend in gaming I continued playtesting the Isofarian Guard by Sky Kingdom Games (04/08), and my goodness that is such an incredible game! I highly recommend it for those who love a co-op narrative adventure! Is this a title that you are as excited for as I am?!

I also played a very tense game of Guild Master by Good Games Publishing (04/10) with my friends Meg, Stevo, and Hunter. They were all new to the game and either not hobbyist gamers or very new to it; however, once we really got into it, everyone had a blast and it was an epic fight to be the best guild. In the end, I emerged victorious (as I often do in this game), which brought me great happiness as it is my favorite game.  If you have played this game and have found a winning strategy, what is it you do?  If you have not played this game, why haven't you? This game has engine building, "deck" building, worker placement, simultaneous secret action selection, resource management, and a bit of luck. Also, the art is absolutely gorgeous and is some of the most inclusive in any game. I really love this game!

I also played a game of Cindr by Smirk and Dagger (04/11).  This game is a nice entry game or good game for casual games. Sometimes it is a haphazard luckfest with a bit of strategy, but it certainly makes for some good laughs. How much luck do you like in a game? 

Finally, I played a game of Triplock by Chip Theory Games (04/11).  This game has really interesting gameplay, and I had fun playing it, but I can see some players not liking how much memory plays a part in your success or failure in this game.  I will have to give it a few more plays before I can form an opinion on it, so keep an eye for that in the future. Is this a title that you've played? What were your thoughts? 

What did you play this weekend?


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