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Expansion I – Civil Warfare ‘Counter Co-op’ Expansion

  • In this expansion, players truly begin to understand the true meaning of retribution! Players will be introduced to a new class of cards, which when added to the fray allow for a plethora of measures of attacking your friends and seeking who can outlast!
  • In this play mode, the rules adjust slightly. Rather than having a cooperative game, instead the dungeon boss has agreed that the last remaining ally is granted free passage, so long as they force their comrades into the ranks of peril…
  • As always, new bosses enter the dungeon with each new expansion.
A few card examples

Expansion II – Villains & Vigilance

  • In this expansion, villains and fiends infiltrate the dungeon, causing randomized battles, whereby you and your team will have to properly balance your speed, strength and damage to overpower those who would stand between you and escape.
  • Players arm themselves with weapons and special impact cards to overcome their foes!
  • The villains are not intended to deal physical damage to the players; instead, they either slow or speed the allies, adding an additional element to the game.
  • Of course, any good expansion would not be complete without a new themed boss and maybe even a new ally to join the fray!

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